What’s Doozy Tags ?

In Doozy Tags our main priority is to avoid losing our beloved pets forever !

Our Goal :  is to provide a higher percentage of opportunity to recover our pets in a safe, fun, cool and very affordable way.

How We will achieve it ? : We know that ID tags, microchips and GPS systems exist and are already available, but many of this devices are expensives and ID tags has become generic and even boring.

Doozy Tags offers high quality products with a unique style that are cheerful, colorful, easy to read and cool, with out losing the principal objective for which it was created, which is to provide the information necessary for a fast and effective way of recover our beloved pets.

Also, DoozyTags offers a free optional data base services, in which we store and maintain the information of the owners pet that will be display on the tag,  plus the information of up to (5) five extra contacts, which will give us a greater opportunity to reunite you with your beloved pet.

Guarantee : Doozy Tags guarantee a free replacement within the first (3) three months of acquire our product, if the product is chewed, got deep scratches, has manufacturing defects and unglued or loose parts.

we guarantee a free replacement within the first three months of acquire our product.

Our tags are 100%  hand crafted and made with suplies bought locally.

How can I get a Doozy Tags Tag ? : For the moment you can get your Doozy Tags products only through here and by a suggested donation.

How much is the suggested donation ? :  The donations is only $10.oo Dlls. per tag and is safely performed through paypal.

What is the donation for ? :  Doozy Tags  need the support and help of you through a donation to cover some of the expenses ( labor, materials, etc.)

A percentage of the donations will be directed to local animal shelters and people who are foster parents for pets, and help find a nice and safe place to live for pets less fortunate, and also help to stop the unfortunate practice of  euthanasia.

Doozy Tags will document each donation to be delivered and we will post it here in our blog, so people can see that we are doing what we promised.

What else Doozy Tags Offers ? :  coming soon.